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Zach Gargac

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 5 months ago

I am Zach Gargac. This is my presentation over the Mayan ball game.  I chose this subject because the violence of the game caught my attention. Im taking construction electricity while attending Penta.  I hope you all enjoy my powerpoint.

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The Hopi Indians, which means good and peaceful, came from the Southwestern people called Pueblo.  They live in Northeast Arizona at the southern end of the Black Mesa.  A mesa is a small isolated flat-topped hill with three steep sides.  They live in pueblos that are made of stone and mud and stand several stories tall.  They grew corn, which they used in religious ceremonies.  They also grew beans, squash, melons, and fruit. When a child is born the family receives a special blanket and a near perfect ear of corn.

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            The Penobscot are from what is now Canada and the Northeastern U.S., particularly Maine. The word "Penobscot" originates from a mispronunciation of their name "Penawapskewi." The tribe however, has adopted the name Penobscot Indian Nation. In 1973, the Penobscot tribe was one of the first Native American tribes to begin Gambling enterprises with the opening of Penobscot High Stakes Bingo which is located on the reservation.

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Divine Right of Kings

The Divine Right is power given to a person said to be chosen by god to be King. It’s a political and religious way of one having complet power with no excuses. The “Divine Right” is passed to the kings decendents.  If the king has a daughter then they must get married to a person of noble blood and the husband gets the privalige of being king.   Its said that any attempt to overthrow the king or restrict their power is against the will of god.  A good example of divine right at its best is Ivan the 3rd.  He married Sophia Paleoiogue, also known as Zoe, daughter of Thomas Paleoigue.  Being married to Zoe gave Ivan the claim to the divine right which made him king and gave him absolute power.  Ivan the 3rd was also known as Ivan the Great.  The kings were ether “The Great” or “The Terrible” based on their actions while they are in power.  There have even been kings that would kill their own children for fear of being overthrown by their offspring.   Ivan the Great was also the longest ruling Russian king ever to have lived.



Gods and Goddesses


  • Created by Gaea and her alone, later married her and had many children ( the titans, Cyclops, and three monsters)
  • His son Cronos castrated him
  • He either died from the wound or fled earth
  • Another offspring is Aphrodite (made from his severed male organs)
  • He was the first god of the heavens (sky)


  • God of sea
  • God of earthquakes
  • God of horses
  • Sailors relied on him for a safe voyage
  • Son of Cronos and Rhea
  • His son Triton half human half fish
  • His and Medusa children Chrysaor and Pegasus
  • He turned Caeneus into a man
  • He was married to Aphitrite



  • Ruler of mount Olympus
  • The world was divided between the six siblings
  • Upheld justice, law, and morals
  • Cronos and Rhea
  • His children are Athena, Hephaestus, Ares, Hebe, Eileithyia, Apollo, and Artmeis and more.
  • He threw lighting bolts
  • His wife was Hera




  • Goddess of marriage and birth
  • From Cronos and Rhea
  • She helps people get married and have babies
  • Cronos and Rhea
  • Hephaestus the Smith- God, Hebe the Goddess of Youth, and Ares the God of War
  • She can have kids by herself
  • Zeus was her husband



  • The Greek goddess of Wisdom, War, the Arts, Industry, Justice, and Skill
  • Mother was goddess of wisdom
  • Helped people with food and stuff
  • Zeus and Metis
  • No
  • Crafts and arts
  • None



  • Goddess of wilderness, the hunt and wild animals and fertility. (she became a goddess of fertility and childbirth mainly in cities.)
  • Helps people hunting and catching things
  • Leto and Zeus
  • Virgin
  • Bow and arrows and turning people into things
  • She wasn’t married



  • god of underworld
  • ruler of sleeping and dead
  • known by many names-Hades, the Invisible One, the Unseen One
  • Also known as the Roman god Pluto
  • Had the Cyclops make him a magic helmet that makes the wearer invisible
  • Hades, and his bothers Zeus and Poseidon  drew lots to determine who would rule each region ( Hades got the Underworld)
  • Drew lots to determine who would rule what
  • Married Persephone(sort of)
  • He abducted his wife after getting approval by her father Zeus
  • Hades father- Cronos
  • Hades mother-
  • He was in charge of dealing out punishment and to prevent the dead from returning to earth


  • Zeus’s favorite son
  • God of light ( the sun)
  • God of archery and killed the giant serpent the Python
  • Apollo and his twin sister Artemis were born to Leto (a Titan goddess who was impregnated by Zeus during one of his numerous affairs.
  • the best musician (playing a lyre given to him by his half-brother Hermes), poet, philosopher, law maker and creator of legal institutions, a masterful physician, the god of prophecy, and a great scholar who always spoke the truth.
  • Then he killed Coronis, but suddenly regretting it, he saved the unborn child. Naming him Asclepius, he reared the child himself and trained him in the healing arts


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Anonymous said

at 10:10 am on Sep 26, 2007

wow that ws very interestin bout rubber so is this the history game bout rubber in stuff lik dat???

Anonymous said

at 1:41 pm on Sep 26, 2007

I like how the losers had to become human sacrifices and the winners got a feast. This game sounds very violent. It sounds weird to have to play a game with a human skull.

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