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Brittany Tyner



The Gardeners and Gathers or the South West is what these sites are going to be on.

Life in the South West is still almost the same as it was centures ago. They also

pray before every meal. Though out tribe to tribe there are different types of payers

but most of them are all the same. They like to keep the same tradition.





This website is very helpful. It has a super alot of recipies on it. Recipies will help you make their food the way that they make it. Most of the hobi women were plump because of all the tasty food they make.

 Their ansesory is on this page. This will help you find out about

their back ground and how what they come from. It also has their

Lanuage on this website which will help you learn how they communcated. Pictures of Dwellings on are on this website. There is a big picture map too.

 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hopi  Wikipedia is a very good site to find all kinds of information. People can change what it says so that it is always up to date. This wikipedia page has a very big back ground  information.
 http://hopibiz.com/  This is a good page for seeing what the hopi indinas were liviing like. They also have a ground site where you can go and see how they lived. They kinda play like
Tyner The Manson Family.ppt 



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