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Torture Project 2007










Paul's Thumbscrew


Cody's Dunking Stool


Out of all the torcher devices, this one is probably one of the worst. Most of the time people placed in this chair would drown. The lucky ones that survived the dunking died of shock. How many times they were dunked was all up to the judge, sometime it was until death.

 The ducking stool is a wooden chair with arm and foot binds. The user was strapped in the chair and they were dunked into a river or lake. The ducking stool was used in the fifteen hundreds. They used simple machines like pulleys and seesaws to make this torcher device work.

 The purpose was to teach women to be polite. If a women was caught being rude or shrewish they would be sentenced to the ducking stool. This was also a way of testing witches. They thought that if you were a witch that you could breathe under water and if you drowned that meant you were a human. It was also used in cases of illegitimate children, which meant the woman was sleeping around with other men.

 The last known use of the ducking stool was in the early eight teen hundreds in Plymouth. Since then it has been outlawed, and deemed immoral.

Will's Heretic's Fork  



Cat's Paw




 Impaler Weapons




Jack's Cage




 Courtney's Wheel





  Head Crusher  


Interrogation Chair


The Rack




Another Rack

















Neck Breaker









Impaler Weapons


Jail Door


 Zach's Chasity Belt



Spanish Donkey

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