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The Betty Junkins Interview

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The Betty Jenkins Interview




Betty Junkins worked at Penta Career Center as one out of four cosmetology teachers. She taught the junior cos class starting in August of 1966, she worked straight through 25 years of teaching until she retired in June of 1991. Betty Junkins was known as Mrs. Deimling when she worked at Penta Career Center. She was married to Charles Eugene Deimling who started in August of 1965 and was the Supervisor of Public Information Research and Government programs and also taught all the sciences at Penta Career Center. Charles Deimling started at Penta County with a good friend of his, Dr. William Ramsey, who was the first superintendent at Rossford High school and Penta Career Center. Mr. Deimling got the job because his friend Dr. Ramsey promised him a position and kept his word. He was only at Penta Career Center for a few months because on December 10th, 1965, Charles passed away from leukemia cancer that developed in his foot. A myth there at Penta is that Mr. Deimling died in a motorcycle accident but to clear that up Charles had an older brother that died in a motorcycle accident. Before Charles Deimling was even thought of, his parents had an older son. Their first son was really spoiled and for his 16th birthday had received a motorcycle from his aunt as a present. Soon after getting his motorcycle, Charles’ brother was traveling down a road in Rossford when he had crashed off of the side of the road and did not survive. After Charles’ brother had died, his mother was so depressed and handling the death of her only son horribly. Her doctor told her that he thought it was best if she had another child to get her mind of him and thought it would help. That’s when Charles Eugene Deimling was born. In Rossford there is the Deimling Road that is named after the Deimling family. Charles Deimling had greatly influenced Penta while he was there for his short amount of time because it was said when Mr. Deimling developed the cancer in his foot, he still came to work everyday and worked right out of his wheelchair. “Eugene Deimling worked harder from his wheelchair then most of the teachers there do standing on there own two feet” quote by Dr. William Ramsey. Because of such a hard worker Mr. Deimling was here at Penta Career Center they named a hallway after him. The Deimling hall still exists to this day at Penta County. He died at the age of 43 and left behind two beautiful daughters who were 8 and 10 at the time of his death and his wife Betty. After Mr. Deimlings death Betty worked harder then ever to get a job to raise her two kids by herself. She searched for jobs until one day she was lucky enough to get the position to sit in one of the cosmetology classes at Penta. She sat in Mrs. Kits' class and that summer came to find out that she had quit and Mrs. Deimling was then hired for the position. A while after Betty Deimling  had made it on her feet and was stable she got remarried and is now known as Betty Junkins.



                    Betty Junkins April of 2008




                  The Deimling Hall at Penta Career Center year 2008







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