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The planters of the South





Group Members



Names of different tribes










Where they Lived...


Creek-Lived in the southeast unitd states, as Georgia, Alabama.

Cherokees-Settlerd in the American Southeast portion of the country.Originally from the great lakes, eventually settled closer to the east.

Choctaw-Southwestern states of Mississippi,Louisiana,Alabama.

Seminole-From florida

Powhatan-Lived in Virgina, then moved north of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


How they lived...


Creek-Thatched huts were the main structures.They built ceremonial shrines which served as the town center.All huts were situated around the town center.

Cherokees-LIved in the log cabins.

Choctaw-Lived in villages of houses and small cornfields.Homes were made of plaster and rivercane walls with thatchedroofs.

Seminole-Their homes were very simple,consisting of poles and thatched roofs.

Powhatan-Lived in longhouses very similar to an apartment building.


What they wore...


This sketch by John Trumbull shows Creek leader Hopothle Mico, probably at the time of the signing of the Treaty of New York in 1790. (more)Creek-Men wore breechclotes and skinshirts.Women wore skirts the extened to their knees.

Cherokees-Women made clothing from deerskin and plants that were woven into material.Women wore skirts. Men wore breechclothes,leggings and moccasins.

Choctaw-Men wore deerskin breechclothes with leggings.Women wore deerskin skirts and a shawl of skin with woven feathers.

Seminole-Women wore traditional dress and jewlry.Seminole children in traditional wear.

Powhatan-Wore a beaded headband with a feather in it. They paitn their faces and bodies with different colors and designs. Women wore knee lenght skirts and men wore breechclothes with leather pants. 


3 Interesting things about their cultures...


Creek-The creek indians belong to the muskhogen linguistic stock.The historical creek union was known as the creek conferderacy was made out of the remains of several seperate tribes that occupied georgia and alabama in the american colonial period.The name creek comes from the shortening of "ocheese creek".

Cherokees-One of the most famous people in cherokee history was Sequoyah. A cherokee legend about the orgin of strawberries.Cherokee hunters used bows and arrows or blowguns to shoot game.conley cover.jpg

Choctaw-  Choctaw comes from their own tribal name"Chahta" which was the name of a legendary choctaw leader.Choctaw hunters used bows and arrows.Fisherman used fishing spears and nets.

Seminole-Comes from the spanish word meaning "wild".The seminoles are known for their baskets,beadwork and patchwork designs. Seminole hunters used bows and arrows.Fisherman usually used fishing spears.

Powhatan-Means waterfall.Most important Indian was chief powhatan.Powhatans made dugout canoes by hollowing out large trees for transportation.Powhatan warriors used tomahowks or heavy wooden war clubs.

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