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Social Studies 11 B 2008

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Social Studies 11 B Block


Government Movies 2oo8


Government Movies 



Constitutional Convention Podcast Project


This project was used to introduce audacity to students and have them research the Constitutional Convention. Students were to create a one minute radio spot interviewing a framer. These are the results.




TJ's Interview with Alexander Hamilton


TJ podcast (2).wma 



Austin, Tony and Brad's interview with George Washington


austin tony brad edit number one.mp3


Beau and Dillon's Interview with James Madison


beau a dillon project.mp3


Samantha, Brittany, and TJ's interview with Alexander Hamilton and Elbridge Gerry




Albins and Coreys interview with Roger Sherman and Governeur Morris




Scott and Jessica's interview with Ben Franklin


scott and jessica.mp3


Brent and Jared's interview with Edmond Randolph


brent and jared.mp3

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