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Penta History

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Penta Career Center     
Kyle & Keli
Penta career center opened in 1965 to 17 school districts, including Woodville, Oak harbor, Elmore & Genoa, Northwood, Lake, Rossford, Perrysburg, Otsego, Grand rapids, Bowling green, Eastwood, Spencer-Sharples, Maumee, Anthony Wayne, Springfield, Soon North Baltimore and Elmwood were added and Spencer-sharples was assigned to Toledo. 995 student were enrolled the first year that year was the same one that Penta Technical college opened. In 1969 this became Owens. The following programs were the ones that Penta began with: Horticulture, Industrial Ag. Mechanics, Small engines, Ag. Business, Co-op office ed., Account clerk, Office machines, Hi-skill stenographer, Computer operations, Intensive office education, Commercial and industrial aide, Fodd service, Fabric service, Child care aide, Child care assistants, Auto body, Auto mechanic, Auto service, Appliance repair, Carpentry, Cement trades, Cosmetology, Commercial arts, Drafting, Electronics, Radio/T.V., Welding, Dental assistant, Graphic arts.
            During the first year of operation at Penta there were only 74 staff members. The salary was 5,000 in 1965. The building holding welding and auto body was constructed in 1970. Adult education has been available at Penta since the doors opened in 1965.
1965-Penta opened doors
1972-The skills center was constructed
1977-Resource center was built
1982-First computers were brought into Penta Career Center
1989-Built culinary restaurant
2005-Ground breaking of new Penta Career Center
08-09- First graduating class to start at the new Penta Career Center
            Before Penta was even a school it was the largest military depot in the country. There was a large P.O.W camp where they held German soldiers.

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