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Kassi's Page

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My full name is Kassi Ann Smith. Iam 16 and i will be 17 on April 2nd. I work at a nursing home where i live and i love what i do. I go to school at Penta in the class of Medical Technologies Prep. I did go to North Baltimore but i dont like it there no more.




Works Cited

"Arctic Studies Center." 2002. Smithsonian Institution. 3 Oct. 2007 <www.mnh.si.edu>.  The Tlingit are the northenmost of the Northwest Coast peoples. The Tlingit comprised four groups or tribes: Southern, Northern, Gulf Coast, and Inland Tlingit. According to linguists, the Tlingit language may have split from common roots with Athapaskan about 5,000 years ago. Native history shows changes in population as far back as 300 years ago. 

Curtis, Es. "Notes From "the North American Indian"" Volume 13 -the Hupa. 3 Oct. 2007 <www.curtis-collection.com>.

 The language that is most spoken in the Hupa tribe is Athapascan. The men wore deerskin loinclothes and moccasins with elk hide soles. Woman wore knee length skirts made of deerskin, slit at the front and ornamented and a bowl shaped cap. The dwelling was a rectangular structure which was made of cedar posts and poles and split cedar planks. The roof was truncated. Hupa religious practices are founded on the belief that ages ago the earth was inhabited by a race of preternaturals in human form. All ceremonials, and innumerable acts of everyday life, are attended by the muttered repetition of myths. The principal ceremonies were the Jumping Dance and the White Deerskin Dance to guard the public heath and help crops.

"Hupa." 3 Oct. 2007 <bss.sfsu.edu>. 

This website is about where the Hupa live and what they live in. It says they live in the Hupa Valley and they're houses are made of redwood and cedar. The Chilula are like the Hupa indians in language and culture. They wore white deerskin in what is known in the "White Deerskin Dance" which is part of the world renewal ceremony.

"Tlingit." Native Americans. 2007. Nativeamericans.Com. 3 Oct. 2007 <www.nativeamericans.com>. 

There are 14 divisions of the Tlingit tribe that may reflect a former era, when they were entirely independent tribes. The most important are the Chilkat, the Yakutat, the Stikine, the Sitka, the Auk, and the Huna. The Russians built a fort near the site of Sitka but the Indians rebelled and drove them out. Later Aleksandr Baranov captured the fort and killed many Indians. But then he turned it into a trade post. Today the Tlingit live on reservations in British Columbia and Alaska. The name of the tribe is also spelled Tlinget, Tlinkit, and Tlinket. 

 "The Indian Tribe." Access Genealogy. 2006. Handbook of the American Indians. 3 Oct. 2007 <www.accessgenealogy.com>. 

They were first mentioned by Gibbs in 1852. The population in 1888 was given as 650; in 1900, 430; in 1905, 412. So the population keeps getting lower. The tribe occupied these permanent villages; Cheindekhotding, Djishtangading, Haslinding, Honsading, Howungkut, Kinchuwhikut, Medilding, Miskut, Takimilding, Tlelding, Toltsasding, and Tsewenalding. The houses of the Hupa were built of cedar slabs set on end, the walls being 4 ft high on the sides and rising to more than 6 ft at the ends to accommodate the slope of the roof, inclosing a place about 20 square ft. The central part of which was excavated to form the principal chamber, which was about 12 square ft and 5 ft deep.




 The Kwaklutl tribe was one of the major tribes of

the Northwest coast. They mostly inhabited north

Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia,

Canada. The tribe mostly lived in rectangular cedar

plank houses.


 Kwakiutl is a Wakashan language of the Northwest

coast. It was spoken by 250 native people in British

Columbia. The language has been dieing off but some of the younger Kwakiutls are trying to keep the ancestral

language alive.


 Bella Coola Indians were better at fishing then they were at hunting. They used different weapons for different types of indians. Even though, they used the same fishing techniques to fish.


 The Bella Coola Indiawere one of the many tribes that lived on the banks of the Bella Coola River. Centuries ago the men wore no clothes and the woman only wore a skirt made of cedar bark. Bella Coola still live on a reservation in British Columbia.


Greek gods 

Cronos is the god of time and change and is the second leader. He got this power by cutting off his father’s manhood. His parents were Uranus and Agia and one of his famous children was Zeus. His special power was eating his babies. His wife’s name was Rhea. www.maicar.com

Hades is the ruler of the underworld. He obtained this ruler because after the war against the titans the brothers Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon divided the world. Hades got the underworld. His parents were Cronos and Rhea and one of his famous children were Persephone. He had no special power. His wife’s name was Demeter. www.maicar.com

Zeus is the god of the sky. After the war when him and his brothers split the world he got the heavens. His parents are Cronos and Rhea and one of his famous children are Hercules. His special power is that he is able to throw lightning bolts. His wife’s name is Hera. www.maicar.com

Hera is the queen of the heavens. She obtained this position by marrying Zeus. Her parents were also Cronos and Rhea and one of her famous children was Ares. She had no special powers. She was married to Zeus. www.maicar.com

Ares was the god of war warriors. He obtained this position because h was mighty but he was also a hated man slaying god. His parents were Zeus and Hera and one of his famous children was Diomedes. He has no special powers. I’m not sure if they were married but Aerope had his son Diomedes. www.maicar.com



#1Uranus was the god of the sky.

#2 he is the first god.

#3something that is associated with my god is haven.

#4 the parent of Uranus is Gaia.

#5his children were Aphrodite and the “giants”.

#6 Uranus really didn’t have any special powers.

#7my god’s wife was Gaia who witch happens to be him mother.



#1 Athena was the god of wisdom.

#2 she became the goddess of wisdom because she was born from the forehead of the chief god.

#3 some thing that is associated with Athena is amour because she was born in full amour

#4 Athena’s father was Zeus. I really don’t know if you can call him her father because she came out of his forehead.

#5athena didn’t have any famous children.

#6she was the goddess of wisdom she helps people.

#7athena never was married.



#1 Apollo is the god of the sun.

#2he replaced the sun god who was Helios

#3some of the things that are associated with Apollo is music and the sun

#4zues is the father of Apollo.

#5apollo had one sun his name was Asclepius.

#6he helped people by giving them sun light

#7apollo never married.




#2he god this gift from Zeus because he disobeyed him  

#3one thing that is associated with atlas is endurance he held the world up for ever

#4atlass parents are lapetus and cymene

#5atlas didn’t have any children

#6he helped sailors find there way by the start  

#7atlas never married



#1aphrodite is the goddess of love  

#2she became the goddess of love when her father was castrated and his member fell into the water  

#3some thing that is associated with Aphrodite is associated with love

#4the parent of Aphrodite is Zeus

#5the special power Aphrodite has is the power to make people fall in love

#6the husband of Aphrodite is

#7aphrodites husband is Hephaestus 


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Anonymous said

at 10:10 am on Sep 26, 2007

you had a really nice powerpoint. you had alot of good info on it. i really liked the pics they were cool.

Anonymous said

at 1:48 pm on Sep 26, 2007

i like this power point. there was a lot of information about the temple things. theres a lot of pictures on here too!!!

Anonymous said

at 1:58 pm on Sep 26, 2007

tis was a good powerpoint. had a lot of detail. nice pictures on it also.

Anonymous said

at 2:22 pm on Sep 28, 2007

I really like your profile. It reminds me of my twin sister. She is in med tech prep too..

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