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Johnathen's Wiki Page

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 Johanthen's Wiki Page

What I think of The Wanfering Hunters Of The Plains is neat because that there were great migratory tribes that wandered along the Mississippi plains. The second thing that I about the indian tribes is that there were alot of tribes competing for the same land.   

 http://www.hiddenhistory.com/PAGE3/ww-sodak.htm  What I like about this site is that it tells me the different areas where the tribes were located and how much land was owned betweendifferent tribes. The second reason why I like this website is because it shows me how much the land has improved during time. the last reason why i like this website is that since then things have been added were the trbes once used to roam.  
 http://www.utexas.edu/courses/wilson/ant304/projects/projects98/krochenskip/krochenskip.html  The first thing tht i like about this website is that it tells me the history behind the blackfoot tribe.

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