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Please leave a comment about what you thought of our wiki. Be sure and leave your name so we know who you are.


Mr. Drennan rules!!!!!!!!!!!!  I looked at a couple of your Power Points - You guys all did such a great job on this.


Nice work-I enjoyed looking at your power points-keep up the good work!--Mr. Melchi



Wow....now this is GREAT work....I enjoyed looking over your info.  Wiki is funny word!!!!!--T. Crawford


I think this is neat. You did great a job. I can't wit till we do this - Joey Amos


This looks  interesting. I think it should be fun. I can't wait to do mine.--- Gerald MacCarthy


Skye Simon- I really like your webpage. It looks like it was fun. Cant wait to see more.


shawn bragg- think that he need to put more work in his page.


Ashley Sparks-i think it is well put together. also everyone has nice information about there topic. you guys did a nice job.


Mr. Harms - This site is interesting. I think there is all kinds of possibilities for wikis. Nice Job C Block.


Heather Hornstein~ This site is very interesting!! Lots of very cool information! The pictures looked really cool.


Holly Stribrny-I like all the power points. There were alot of cool pictures. All of the subjects were interesting too.


Brian Smith-This site is not sweet. There are some weird pictures. most of the things are cool.


Josh Mohn- some of the pics are lame. but the rest are cool. some stuff was kind of weird


Elaina Tippey-I think for the most part everything was sweet.I loved all the pics.Some were weird but cool at the same time.


Troy-i like this site. it is interesting. it is terific.


Amber Boyer- I really enjoyed looking at all of these powerpoints. They were all really informative. i can't wait to do one for myself.


tim- i thought that this site is weird but it wasnt that bad.i want to make one.it looks like a lot of fun


nikki cluckey-  i thought it was very interesting.  there was a lot of very good pictures.  it looked like it took a lot of time to do this website!


Ashton- It was all peachIy. The pictures are nice. Its amazing i guess.


Amanda Rose- i liked the powerpoints they were interesting. i thought the pics were ok i guess. i like the site its kewl.


Halie Hall-I think the website is very interesting. I thought the infomation is very interesting. I like this site its very helpful.


JOsiah Darr---This page is sweet. i learned alot. my fav whe computer want toas the one on bloodletting.




JDorfmeister- Great job on the powerpoints.  How did you access all of those pictures?

Comments (10)

Anonymous said

at 10:00 am on Sep 26, 2007

hey all. this page was kool. i dont think i will ever do something like this but its ok for a grade i guess. i hope u had fun doin it cuz i wouldnt have done it.

Anonymous said

at 10:00 am on Sep 26, 2007

Hey people. This web page is ok. I dont think i would want to do something like this. If you want to thats cool so have fun.

Anonymous said

at 10:02 am on Sep 26, 2007

These power points are very nice.There are alot of good power points. You should have picutres to see how you look.

Anonymous said

at 10:04 am on Sep 26, 2007

Yo! i like the page i like what the students are doing too.It looks like fun to do i hope ur students are enjoying it. I think our pages will look goo too.

Anonymous said

at 10:04 am on Sep 26, 2007

Whats goin on. The page was cool. Theres a lot of good information.

Anonymous said

at 10:07 am on Sep 26, 2007

I liked the page a lot. Its new and different so hopefully it keeps us entertained. This should be a fun thing to keep on doing in class; rock on!

Anonymous said

at 10:08 am on Sep 26, 2007

these are cool powerepoints. there are some cool one. great job people

Anonymous said

at 10:15 am on Sep 26, 2007

This page is pretty cool.Making these powerpoints will be a fun way to learn.I cant wait to start one.

Anonymous said

at 10:17 am on Sep 26, 2007

man i think dis is sumthin nice and koo but i really dont undastand so its ok...

Anonymous said

at 10:19 am on Sep 26, 2007

whats up everybody... this was a cool project. you guys had alot of good info, but some didn't have anyhting at all. i think it would be a fun project.

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