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Henry Tudor, named after his father, Henry VII, was born by Elizabeth of York June 28, 1491 in Greenwich Palace. Since he was the second son, and not expected to become king, we know little of his childhood until the death of his older brother Arthur, Prince of Wales. Shortly after becoming king, Henry VIII took Catherine of Aragon as his bride on 11 June 1509. He tried to have a baby buy her but it didn’t work. Then he try with five other girls buy it didn’t work. All the girls he killed because of them having miscarriages. One his wife’s he didn’t killed was Catherine she died shortly after having his 1st baby.










Adolf Hitler was a villan. He was responsible for the attempted extermination of the jews in ww2. He had ideas of  supereior race. The race would have blonde hair and blue eyes. It would eventually rule the world.




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Vlad the Impaler was a groosom man. He would kill thousands of people for fun. He used weapons like speres and axes. He did it  to make a point. He was a ruler and he wanted people to respect.