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Class Rules

Page history last edited by Dave Harms 14 years, 5 months ago

October 27, 2009 

Mr. Harms Class Expectations

1. Follow directions first time given.

2. Come prepared for class with your agenda, Penta ID, dress code and all books and materials.

3. Be in your seat at the bell and stay seated unless given permission to get up.

4. Keep personal items not needed in this class under your desk.

5. Respect the people, equipment, and furnishings in this classroom.

6. Be actively engaged in instruction or class activities without disturbing others.


1. Verbal Warning

2. Change student’s seating arrangement

3. 30 minute detention with Action Plan Assignment (Action Plan will have a description of the problem and the students’ plan on avoiding it in the future. The plan must be approved and signed by both the student and teacher)

4. 45 minute detention and Parent Contact

5. Referral to Student Affairs

Mr. Harms Important Information

1. If you do not have your ID and your assignment book, do not expect to leave class. Anyone with permission to leave class must use the sign out sheet.

2. No food or drink allowed.

3. Always be considerate of other students’ learning.

4. Assignments are due at the beginning of the period. I accept late assignments 1 day late for ½ credit. If it’s more than 1 day, forget it (unless they are excused absences).

5. Tardy students sign in on the tardy sheet quietly, place their pass in the pass basket and take their seats. Tardies will be recorded after the lesson is over.

6. Cell phones are not to be used in this class. You may not leave class to use your cell phone. Cell phones that go off in class will be confiscated.


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