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C Block

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Mr. Harms C Block Wiki




This is the official wiki for C Block 




The World Issues Class



Early Russia Projects


Russian Projects 


Country Pages






















San Marino 


United Kingdom 







Villians of Europe


Kyle and Jr.


Kurt and Kassi 


Ashley Winzeler


Zak Courtney and Chad


Amy John and Paul 


Zach Phil and Katlynne


Cody and Ryan


Kim and Steph 


jacks evil villans



Instruments of Torture


Instruments of Torture 


2007 Culinary/World Issues Joint Project


On October 11, 2007 the culinary lab will be invaded by the World Issues class as culinary students share recipes and food with them. In return, the World Issues Class is going to share American Indian history and culture with the culinary students. Here are the pages the students created for the different areas of North American Indian Groups.


The Woodsman of the East

The Planters of the South

The Wandering Hunters of the Plains

The Gardeners and Gatherers of the Southwest

The Fisherman of the Pacific Northwest




Mr. Harms Sample Mr. Harms Indian Sample - Here is an example of what to put on your wiki page



Mayan Project and Student Pages


Student Pages The Fall 2007 World Issues Class Student Pages - Each student created a page on Mayan history.



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